Black Point - Amarok XLT 1 x 10 Fat Bike

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$ 999.99 $ 1,269.99

***Free Light With Purchase - Planet Bike Superflash Micro ($20 Value)***
  1. You can pick up your bike 10-14 days after we get your order 
  2. We'll build, tune, and set it up for free.
  3. If your bike is a gift, we'll store it for you (Free for up to 30 days) or deliver it for $25
  4. Each Bike Comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty on the parts and a FREE Post Purchase Tune up (100 miles or 30 rides)

The Amarok XLT is made to access adventure. Its 4.9" tires give you traction on even the most unsettling of trails. Our frame geometry is also designed for exploring; its easy handling characteristics make it as comfortable on uncharted lands as on your local trails. As we've experienced, the Amarok XLT will soon become your go-to ride.

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